Zé Mauricio has collaborated with many musicians from the USA, Brazil, Europe and Africa. He is featured in several albums; among them Yo-Yo Ma's Grammy Winning, "Obrigado Brasil."
Zé Mauricio is currently working on Emre Sonmez's "Hermeto Pascoal Musical Diary Project" - based on Hermeto's book "Calendário do Som" - arranging a theme Mr. Pascoal wrote on October 10th, Zé's birthday. Also, Zé has been recording extensively for Nilson Matta's newest record, not yet released.
2008, Album Not Yet Released
Nilson Matta

2008, Album Not Yet Released
Joe Carter

2008, Album Not Yet Released
Hendrik Meurkens

2008, KMU (Not Yet Released)
John Carlin\'s Kids Music Underground

2008, Matuto
Clay Ross

2007,My Island
Rafi Malkiel
2007, Noir
Anat Cohen

2006, O Nosso Tempo
Choro Ensemble

2005, Emotionally Available
Eli Degibri

2005, Love The Donkey
Cyro Baptista\'s: Beat the Donkey

2005, Amazon River
Hendrik Meurkens

2004, I Gotta Go
Azouhouni Adou
2004, Share the Well
Caedmon\'s Call

2003, Obrigado Brasil - Grammy Winner
Yo-Yo Ma

2002, Exile
Pharaoh\'s Daughter

1999, Skirl
with David Watson & Cyro Baptista

1998, Planet Sax
Jenny Hill
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