Saturday, 24 January 2009
Hello all. Yes, I'm back from Brazil since November 25 of last year. I'll make a long story short. Since my return until couple of days ago, me and Lisette have been involved in moving and that took a lot of time away from me. Now, my duty is to put you up to par with what is going on musically here in New York with me. Well, the most remarkable event, since my return from Brazil, was me recording with Harry Belafonte on his latest album. Obviously it was a great experience and, more than anything, it was great to meet such an icon. Also, two more records that I had recorded earlier last year came out: "Samba to Go" (Zoho) of Hendrik Meurkens and "Courageous Hearts" of Towner Galaher. Once again, and gladly so, I subbed for Scott Ketner at his Brazilian Percussion class at New School. I resumed my classes at Community Roots with my 1st and 2nd graders. Recorded for Big Foote Studios on a pilot for a Brazilian animation film. Played with DJ True at the BAM Cafe. Forro Dodoi is in full steam (we are playing at AJI on Friday, 30). Last, but not least, I'm gearing up with the guys from the Kids Music Underground for a Brazil tour just before Carnaval.
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