DONATE ‐ GRUCON ZÉ MAURICIO INVITES YOU TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE DONATE TO GRUCON (Grupo de União e Consciência Negra) Zé Maurício exercises his social responsibility fundraising for GRUCON/Cachoeiras de Macacu-RJ chapter, a grassroots & non-profit organization created in the early 80's by community and clergy leaders to raise racial, social and political awareness among poor Brazilian black people. Even though slavery was abolished in 1888, a history of poverty and racism has continued to plague afro-Brazilians across generations. According to studies, the number of children - most of them black - living the streets of Brazil, is close to 8 millions. The violence against black disenfranchised men and women keeps on the rise. In supporting grassroots educational initiatives like GRUCON, we can help to heal the wounds of veiled racism and social exploitation. Your donation will help GRUCON to provide professional and artistic training to people in need and to purchase educational supplies for classes. To learn more about GRUCON download PDF in Portuguese here. 
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